Our CEO’s recent contributions to national newspaper articles about suicide

Our CEO was asked to comment in recent articles in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

In The Telegraph, she was asked about the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) suicide figures. She was asked to comment on reasons for the increase in the number of older people (aged 65 and above) dying by suicide in 2022.

She explained how it is almost always a combination of many factors that make someone vulnerable to a suicidal crisis – but she explained about the many ways in which the pandemic and the subsequent cost-of-living crisis have had a particularly adverse impact on some older people’s vulnerability to a suicidal crisis during 2022 and 2023: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2023/04/05/suicides-hit-record-highs/

In The Daily Mail, she was asked about the reasons why young men die by suicide. She explained the difficulty some young men feel in seeking help, and how men may need a very specialised kind of support. The ways in which they feel able to access support may also be different. She explained how difficult it can be for them to take the first step to seeking help, and how we need to provide flexible ways for men to access crisis services – and provide individually tailored crisis services.