Raising Awareness Of Our Work Across The South-West

In 2015 we gave a presentation to the steering group and reference group of the South West Zero Suicide Collaborative (SWZSC), one of 3 pilot schemes for the Government’s zero suicide initiative. They described our work as “inspirational” and “extraordinary”. Last month we were asked by the SWZSC to give a presentation at a Learning Event in Exeter to an audience of clinicians, psychiatrists, police officers, professionals and individuals from across the South West of England.

Thank you to Adrian James (the psychiatrist who leads the South West Zero Suicide Collaborative) for drawing attention to this quote from one of our former clients on social media in which he describes:-

“how you get behind a client and hold them so they don’t fall. You remain in my pocket for life, supporting, guiding and aiding my recovery. Still here, thanks to the Suicide Crisis Centre.”

We love the idea that we remain with the client even after they have left and that our care continues to sustain them. The connection with us remains. Adrian James particularly liked the image which the client used and the idea of his “keeping us in his pocket”.

We had an extremely high proportion of male clients last month, far outnumbering the female clients who came to us. We explained in our presentations in both London and Exeter why we think so many men are accessing our services. We are very glad that they have felt able to access our services.