Suicide Prevention Techniques

Suicide Prevention Techniques

These two available books provide information and learning about suicide prevention techniques.  The recently published “Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook” has been a number 1 bestseller in suicide and psychology on Amazon.   

“The Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook: How To Support Someone Who Is Having Suicidal Feelings” is a comprehensive 220-page guide to supporting someone who is having suicidal thoughts. The book has been a number 1 bestseller in its suicide prevention category on Amazon. It’s relevant for professionals who encounter people in crisis, and equally relevant for anyone wanting to learn how to support a friend, family member, neighbour or work colleague who is having suicidal thoughts. It is available from most booksellers.

“Written with empathy, deep knowledge, understanding and compassion”, “A powerful book written with the utmost care and expertise” “Invaluable to understand the deeply complex world of someone suffering suicidal crisis” (Amazon reviews)

You can buy it from Amazon here: Amazon: Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook and from WH Smith here: WH Smith: Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook. If you are outside the U.K. you can buy the book with free delivery worldwide from Book Depository: The Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook : Joy Hibbins : 9781789562996 (

“Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives” explains in detail how we work at our Suicide Crisis Centre: our methods, approach and ethos. The book explains how we have achieved zero suicide and explains the strategies we use which ensure that our clients are able to survive suicidal crisis. The book shows how we have a different approach and methods from those of mental health services. This book drew the attention of the Ministry of Health in New Zealand to our work, and has been widely praised by professionals.

Reviews describe the book as “compelling”  “invaluable” “highly engaging and thought-provoking” “incredibly helpful” and “should be compulsory reading for those who work with and care for those vulnerable to suicide.”

For details of how to order in the U.K. and overseas, please see below. The book is available from most booksellers in the UK and worldwide, and each book sold raises money for our charity: the author’s royalties go to Suicide Crisis. 

You can buy the book from W.H. Smith: WH Smith: “Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives”

Or from Waterstones: Waterstones: “Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives”

Or from Amazon: Amazon: “Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives”

Barnes & Noble (in the USA):

You can buy from Book Depository and they will ship the book anywhere in the world (free delivery):

Reviews on the back cover of the book and inside are listed below:
“Having lost a dear son to suicide, I desperately wish that this incredibly helpful book had been available, as well as the wonderful Suicide Crisis Centre, for him and for us. She brings new hope for suicide prevention with new solutions.”
Heather S. Buchanan, author and illustrator

“This book provides a clearly written outline of the core skills and personal qualities needed to try to save lives at risk of suicide. If it’s not on your course reading list it should be. I haven’t seen a better description of how to always have hope, maintain that when others have none, and to value all human life as if it were a member of your family.”
Vivien Isaac-Curson, a retired Psychiatric Nurse and Clinical Coordinator

‘Highly engaging and thought-provoking, providing a detailed description of a genuinely person-focused approach to crisis care. Joy writes with a refreshingly honest and caring tone, and it is clear why so many clients have found the support of Suicide Crisis transformative.”
Dr Emma Cernis, Clinical Psychologist and Wellcome Trust Clinical Doctoral Fellow,
University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry

“Joy sets out in such a clear and compelling way just why and how we can care better for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. This book should be compulsory reading for all those who work with and care for those vulnerable to suicide. We can and must do more.”
Steven Powles, Barrister, who represents bereaved families at inquests.

“This invaluable book is a compassionate account of immensely practical lessons from someone who has experienced suicidal crisis and has used her knowledge and understanding to so effectively support others”
Dr Heather Castillo, author and former Chief Executive of The Haven project, a Department of Health innovation site.