Our founder and CEO Joy Hibbins has written for the Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph. She writes about topics relating to mental health and suicide and often raises concerns about situations which happen to our clients.

A number of her pieces have made the front page of the Huffington Post including
“Men and Suicide: What They Are Telling Us About The Kind Of Care They Want”

“Please Don’t Call Us Difficult To Engage“, focuses on why some people find it hard to engage with services. It has repeatedly attracted the comment “All mental health professionals should read this”.

Ellie’s story (“Ellie’s Story: An Avoidable Death”) was first published in the Huffington Post. An abridged version was also featured in The Big Issue and other newspapers.

You can find Ellie’s Story and all of Joy’s other blogs on her Huffington Post author page. There is some info about Joy followed by all her written pieces:-

Joy has also written articles for The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph:-

The Guardian After My Suicide Crisis I Set Up A Centre To Give Others The Safety Net I Needed

The Telegraph “When Mental Health Services Tell You It’s Your Decision To End Your Life: A Kinder System Could Save Lives”

The Independent What It’s Like To Work At A Suicide Crisis Centre over Christmas

The Independent This Is What Happened When I Set Up A Suicide Crisis Centre