Contact Us

Contact Us

Our Suicide Crisis Centres are open to people who live in Gloucestershire.  We provide face to face support.

You can contact us on 07975 974455 if you are in crisis, or to arrange to come to see us. This number operates between 9am and 10pm every day and is the number for clients making contact with us for the first time. Once you are under our care, you may have access to our support and help outside these hours.

We will phone you back if you are concerned about the cost of the call, to ensure that we pay for the call and not you.

We don’t operate a general helpline. We provide face to face support at our Suicide Crisis Centre but clients who are under our care have access to our emergency phone numbers. When you make contact with us by phone for the first time, it’s to arrange to come in and see us.

Our email address is: Please be aware that contacting us by phone is much quicker and so please phone if you are in crisis.

For general enquiries about the charity and its services, please contact Joy at

For media and press enquiries, please contact us on 07889 420200.

To sign up for our monthly e-newsletter which contains information about our work and about issues which affect our clients: please email the word “newsletter” to
In this month’s newsletter:-
• 24 hours at a Suicide Crisis Centre: an article in “The Independent” explains how we respond to emergencies in a 24 hour period
• Reaching clients who are off the radar of crisis services: including people reluctant to access services in the first place, and people who have disengaged from services
• Research into dissociation: an opportunity to take part
• Surviving Trauma: Our Trauma Conference in Gloucestershire is on World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September: PTSD, dissociation, dissociative disorders, and personality disorder.
• Barefoot in the Slad Valley: My dissociative experience. One of our clients explains how dissociative amnesia meant that he found himself in unexpected places

We are on Facebook as SuicideCrisisCentre and we’re on twitter as @SuicideCrisis. Click on the link or on the icon on this page.