Contact Us

Contact Us

Our Suicide Crisis Centres are open to people in Gloucestershire.  We provide face to face support.

You can contact us on 07975 974455 if you are in crisis, or to arrange to come to see us. This number operates between 9am and 10pm every day and is the number for clients making contact with us for the first time. Once you are under our care, you may have access to our support and help outside these hours.

We will phone you back if you are concerned about the cost of the call, to ensure that we pay for the call and not you.

We don’t operate a general helpline. We provide face to face support at our Suicide Crisis Centre but clients who are under our care have access to our emergency phone numbers. When you make contact with us by phone for the first time, it’s to arrange to come in and see us.

Our email address is: Please be aware that contacting us by phone is much quicker and so please phone if you are in crisis.

For general enquiries about the charity and its services, please contact Joy at

For media and press enquiries, please contact us on 07889 420200.

To sign up for our monthly e-newsletter which contains information about our work and about issues which affect our clients: please email the word “newsletter” to
In this month’s newsletter: How it feels, when psychiatrists describe you as “difficult to engage”; the impact of housing on some of our clients’suicide risk; details of an upcoming psychological trauma conference; safety within psychiatric hospitals.
In next month’s newsletter: One of our former clients writes about her experience of being currently in a specialist unit for people with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder. We will also focus on the process of traumatic grief and how it can impact on suicide risk.
Future newsletters: One of our former clients is currently serving a prison sentence, despite a Judge recommending that residential rehab and mental health care should be explored as an alternative. He will write about how he is helping other people in prison who may be in emotional distress, as part of a new scheme set up in the prison.

We are on Facebook as SuicideCrisisCentre and we’re on twitter as @SuicideCrisis. Click on the link or on the icon on this page.