A very warm welcome to Kate, a psychologist, who will be offering support to clients within our Trauma Centre.  Kate is pictured below. And a special welcome to Hilary, who joined us last week. Hilary is a very experienced bereavement counsellor, and she will be supporting suicidal clients. Hilary is also planning to be one of our clinical supervisors, as she has experience in this area. She will join Vivien and Edison in providing clinical supervision for our team.  We are extremely fortunate to have them with us.

k hill

Tom’s Picture

We love this picture, which was presented to us by Tom, who is a client. He drew it and framed it, and it’s now displayed in our Suicide Crisis Centre. It’s very special to us, and we are hugely grateful to Tom for this gift.

Tom Eye Pic Framed

University Internship

Our thanks and best wishes to Carla, from the University of Gloucestershire, who has just completed an internship with Suicide Crisis.

Thank you

Thank you very much indeed to Sainsbury’s, Bath Road, Cheltenham, who have made Suicide Crisis their charity of the year. Wonderful news for our clients and our team.

Gloucestershire Echo article

Scan0038Thank you very much to the Gloucestershire Echo for this article which highlights the number of men accessing our service.

The article explains that the majority of men accessing our service are suicidal as a result of bereavement or relationship break up. A significant proportion of our male clients have said they would not seek help from other sources, including their GP or closest relatives.



A Client’s Perspective

“What you have set up works. What you are doing and how you do it works. I am still here as proof and I know that without you there is a very good chance that I would not have been.”

Our profound thanks to our client for allowing us to share the content of many weeks of emails he has sent us, in which he documents his journey and the contact he has had with us. He hopes that his experience will encourage other people to seek help.

Men Outnumber Women At Crisis Centre

We are currently seeing more men than women at our Suicide Crisis Centre. We’re being told that it’s because we are seen as completely independent. Our male clients are often reluctant to see their GP or seek help from statutory services – for many reasons.

Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women and it is often stated that they are less likely to seek help. Our independence (from statutory services) seems to be encouraging men to use our services.


Western Daily Press

Thank you to the Western Daily Press for their article  about our Suicide Crisis Centre:-

“Centre Will Support Those At Lowest Ebb”