Welcome to the Suicide Crisis website

Our Suicide Crisis Centres offer a safe place where you will be supported and helped through your crisis. We have a team of dedicated, caring, well-qualified people who really want to help.

We provide face to face crisis support. Our new Centre is open 24 hours a day for people at high risk of suicide.

Our Suicide Crisis Centres can support you if you live in Gloucestershire.  We also have a Trauma Centre.

– The Suicide Crisis Centre

– The Trauma Centre

We’re based in Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. We are a registered charity.

If you are feeling suicidal, please click on The Suicide Crisis Centre link above.

We are completely independent and this independence has allowed us to set up the kind of services that our clients want.

Our work is now attracting national attention. In 2016 we were asked to give oral evidence about our Suicide Crisis Centre to the Parliamentary Select Committee which undertook an inquiry into the measures needed to prevent suicide.

In 2016 we were also asked by the Government’s adviser on suicide to give a presentation about our work to the national advisory group which he chairs.

Our work has been described as “pioneering” by the Chief Constable of the British Transport Police. Our work has also been described as “inspirational” and “extraordinary” by the South West Zero Suicide Collaborative, one of three pilot schemes for the Government’s zero suicide initiative.

The work of our Suicide Crisis Centre has been featured on BBC Breakfast News, the BBC 6 0’Clock News, Sky News and in national and international newspapers.

We rely on small grants and public donations. We guarantee that public donations don’t go on staff salaries or advertising – the donated money goes directly towards services for people in suicidal crisis.

Registered charity no. 1170444. Registered as a charity in England and Wales.